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vegetables / Dad / a / of / bought / lot

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Giải bởi Vietjack

Đáp án: Dad bought a lot of vegetables


Câu 1:

Listen to the conversation between Henry and Cindy. Circle the best answer A, B, or C. You will listen TWICE.

What did Henry do in the summer?

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Câu 2:

Who was playing at the music festivals?

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Câu 3:

According to Henry, volunteering at the nursing home is like ______.

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Câu 4:

They will meet again _____________.

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Câu 5:

Where did Henry do clean-up activities?

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Câu 6:

1. Complete the conversation. Circle the correct words.

Katy: Let's have burgers for lunch.

Jeff: OK... Excuse me. Do you have (1. any / some) burgers?

Seller: I'm sorry. There (2. are / aren't) any left today.

Jeff: Oh, OK. Do you have (3. some / any) pizzas?

Seller: Yes. How many do you want?

Katy: Two, please. How about (4. any / some) salad, Jeff?

Jeff: Sounds great. ... Can we have (5. any / some) potato salad, please?

Seller: I'm sorry. There (6. isn't / aren't) any left. Would you like the pasta salad?

Katy: Yes, please.

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Câu 7:

My sister _________ there for one hour and waited for him.

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