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Read the passage and decide whether each statement is True or False. Write True or False in each blank.

A website review

One of my favourite websites is lyricstraining.com. It’s great because you can learn English while you listen to your favourite songs. You choose a song and then listen to the song and complete the lyrics. You can also watch the video of the song.

The good points include the fact that there are lots of up-to-date groups you can listen to such as The Script or One Direction. In addition, you can choose the level: beginner, intermediate or expert, depending on your level of English. Another good feature is that you can repeat a line of the song as often as you want, until you know the missing word. Also, the website is very easy to search and you can listen to songs in different languages, for instance in Spanish, German and Italian.

You can complete the lyrics of a song.               ___________

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Câu 1:

Rewrite the following sentence with the given beginning in such a way that the meanings stay unchanged.

This jetpack can help you walk and fly like a bird.

You can _____________________________________________

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Câu 2:

Choose the option that best completes each blank in the passage. Write A, B, or C in the blank.

Nothing to Lose

We (5) fossil fuels in our daily life, but they are limited and cause pollution. A lot of scientists are working hard to look for some lossless and environmentally (6) sources of energy.

Solar energy is not new to us (7) we use it to dry things every day. Solar panels catch sun rays and change them into electricity. We know that it is renewable because the sun never stops producing sunlight.

Wind power is also an old source of energy. In the past, explorers used wind for sailing their (8) to distant lands. A single windmill can pump water and generate electricity. To get much more power all at once, people install lots of giant wind turbines on wind farms.

If we stop using fossil fuels, our planets will be (9). There is nothing to lose when we use solar energy or wind power.

5. A. make                      B. use                             C. get

6. A. kind                        B. common                    C. friendly

7. A. because                  B. so                              C. but

8. A. maps                      B. ships                          C. bags

9. A. hotter                     B. bigger                        C. greener

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Câu 3:

Rewrite the following sentence with the given beginning in such a way that the meanings stay unchanged.

Small cars are running safely under tunnel bus.

It is safe for ____________________________________________

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Câu 4:

Rewrite the following sentence with the given beginning in such a way that the meanings stay unchanged.

Solar energy is not new to us because we use it every day.

We use solar energy every day, ____________________________

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Câu 5:

Listen to a conversation. Choose the correct answer, A, B or C.

What does the boy want to do?

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Câu 6:

My brother has got a new drum and he _________ play it.

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