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His brother likes football, _________ he doesn’t.

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Câu 1:

Choose the option that best completes each blank in the passage. Write A, B, or C in the blank.

A Success Story

Jamal Edwards is the boss of a music Youtube channel, and he even received an (5) from the queen for his services to music. So, what’s his story?

Jamal was born in England in 1990. At sixteen, with a video camera, he uploaded a video of foxes and received 1,000 (6)! Soon he wanted to combine his love of filming with his passion for grime – a type of hip hop music.

Jamal began filming some grime artists when they were performing in the street and at concerts. After his posts, thousands of people (7) and downloaded the videos.

In 2007 he (8) his own online TV station, SBTV. First, he added live concerts and interviews with musicians to grime music videos. Later, he started including different types of music to attract more viewers. The strategy worked, and today, SBTV is very (9) among young people.

5. A. present                    B. cup                            C. award

6. A. visits                      B. singers                       C. videos

7. A. listened                  B. watched                     C. took

8. A. created                    B. sang                           C. looked

9. A. boring                    B. alive                           C. popular

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Câu 2:

If you’re into pop music, you _________ love this catchy song.

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Câu 3:

Rewrite the following sentence with the given beginning in such a way that the meanings stay unchanged.

There were many fans at the concert.

Many fans ____________________________________________

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Câu 4:

Rewrite the following sentence with the given beginning in such a way that the meanings stay unchanged.

Tim thinks he’ll be famous soon.

Tim thinks everyone will_________________________________

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Câu 5:

Choose the word or phrase that best completes each sentence. Write A, B, or C in the blank.

I imagine that there _________ many people at the concert tonight.

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Câu 6:

Rewrite the following sentence with the given beginning in such a way that the meanings stay unchanged.

Nathan has one weakness in dancing.

Nathan cannot __________________________________________

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Câu 7:

Read the passage and decide whether each statement is True or False. Write True or False in each blank.

There is now an amazing new car that can run on air. It is cheap, creates no pollution and costs almost nothing to run.

The new CAT (compressed air technology) car was on display at the Paris motor show. The car was invented by a Frenchman Guy Negre. He has spent the last six years developing his idea and has now produced a car that can travel up to 120 miles (200 kilometres) on one tank of compressed air and reach speeds of up to 65 mph (110 kph). The car will cost around 7,000 pounds and will come complete with its own refuelling system.

There is a problem with the car though. It will take around four to five hours to refuel. A high speed refuelling station has been designed, but this will cost around 70,000 pounds.

 There was a motor show in Paris.             ___________

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