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Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word that differs from the other three in the position of primary stress in each of the following questions.

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Đáp án C

Trọng âm của đáp án C rơi âm tiết thứ nhất, còn các phương án còn lại trọng âm rơi âm số hai.

A. reflection /rɪˈflekʃn/ (n): sự phản chiếu

B. division /dɪˈvɪʒn/ (n): sự phân chia, chia rẽ

C. industry /ˈɪndəstri/ (n): nền công nghiệp

D. remember /rɪˈmembə(r)/ (v): ghi nhớ, nhớ lại

Lưu ý: Trọng âm của các từ có đuôi “tion/ sion/cian/ic/tial/cial...” nằm ngay trước các âm này


Câu 1:

Read the following passage and mark A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the blanks.

Higher education also provides a competitive edge in the career market. We all know that in the economic times we are living in today, finding jobs is not guaranteed. The number of people unemployed is still relatively high, and the number of new career (33) ___________ isn’t nearly enough to put people in jobs they are seeking. As a job seeker, you’re competing with a high number of experienced workers (34) ___________ have been out of the workforce for a while and are also seeking work. (35) ___________, when you have a higher education, it generally equips you for better job security. Generally speaking, employers tend to value those who have completed college than those who have only completed high school and are more likely to replace that person who hasn’t (36) ___________a higher education. Furthermore, some companies even go so far as to pay your tuition because they consider an educated (37) ___________to be valuable to their organization. A college education is an investment that doesn’t just provide you with substantial rewards. It benefits the hiring company as well.

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Câu 2:

The company is believed___________a lot of money last year.

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Câu 3:

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions from 43 to 50.

According to sociologists, there are several different ways in which a person may become recognized as the leader of a social group in the United States. In the family, traditional cultural patterns confer leadership on one or both of the parents. In other cases, such as friendship groups, one or more persons may gradually emerge as leaders, although there is no formal process of selection. In larger groups, leaders are usually chosen formally through election or recruitment.

Although leaders are often thought to be people with unusual personal ability, decades of research have failed to produce consistent evidence that there is any category of “natural leaders.” It seems that there is no set of personal qualities that all leaders have in common; rather, virtually any person may be recognized as a leader if the person has qualities that meet the needs of that particular group.

Furthermore, although it is commonly supposed that social groups have a single leader, research suggests that there are typically two different leadership roles that are held by different individuals. Instrumental leadership is leadership that emphasizes the completion of tasks by a social group. Group members look to instrumental leaders to “get things” done. Expressive leadership, on the other hand, is leadership that emphasizes the collective well¬being of a social group’s member. Expressive leader are less concerned with the overall goals of the group than with providing emotional support to group members and attempting to minimize tension and conflict among them. Group members expect expressive leaders to maintain stable relationships within the group and provide support to individual members. Instrumental leaders are likely to have a rather secondary relationship to other group members. They give orders and may discipline group members who inhibit attainment of the groups goals. Expressive leaders cultivate a more personal or primary relationship to others in the group. They offer sympathy when someone experiences difficulties or is subjected to discipline, are quick to lighten a serious moment with humor, and try to resolve issues that threaten to divide the group. As the differences in these two roles suggest, expressive leaders generally receive more personal affection from group members; instrumental leaders, if they are successful in promoting group goals, may enjoy a more distant respect.

What does the passage mainly discuss?

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Câu 4:

The passage mentions all of the following ways by which people can become leaders EXCEPT___________

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Câu 5:

It can be understood that___________

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Câu 6:

He___________only three letters to his parents since he joined the army.

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Câu 7:

Jimmy’s low examination scores kept him from___________to the university

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