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2.   Complete the text with the comparative or superlative of the adjectives in brackets.

Who are the    best     (0- good) drivers?


      Which drivers are the                                           (1- safe) on the roads? According to a recent survey,young and inexperienced drivers are the                               (2- likely) to have an accident.                                  (3- old) drivers are                                    (4- careful). Gender makes a difference, too.Young men have the                           (5- bad) accident records of all. They are generally                          (6- aggressive)                        (7- old) drivers. They also choose                              (8- fast)cars with                                (9- big) engines.

            One of the                               (10- interesting) facts in the survey is that passengers have an effect on the driver. When young male drivers have their friends in the car, their driving becomes                            (11- bad). When their wife or girlfriend is in the car, however, their driving is                           (12- good). But the opposite is true for women. Their driving is                                      (13- dangerous) when their husband or boyfriend is in the car!

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1. safest                                    2.most likely             3. Older                      4.more careful                     5. worst

6. more aggressive                   7. older                      8.faster                        9. bigger

10. most interesting                 11. worse                  12. better                      13. more dangerous



Câu 1:

5.Use the adjective in brackets in their correct forms of comparison to complete the sentences.

1.   Tea is                                             coffee.(cheap)

2.   The new harvest machine is                                              than the old one. (effective)

3.   The countryside is                                                 the town. (beautiful)

4.   A tractor is                                                 a buffalo. (powerful)

5.   My sister is                                                me. (tall)

6.   Blue whales are                                         elephants. (heavy)

7.   The Mekong River is                                            the Red River. (long)

8.   Do you think English is                                        French in grammar? (easy)

9.   My new bed is                                           my old bed. (comfortable)

10. The film about my village town is                                                than the book. (interesting)

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Câu 2:

3. Fill in each blank with the appropriate form of the word in brackets.

1.   Iceland is considered the most                              country in the world. (peace)

2.   A                           lifestyle has its advantages and disadvantages. (nomad)

3.   My brother has been a stamp                                for several years.(collect)

4.   It is a/ an                           place to hold a picnic because it is too far from the road. (convenience)

5.   Drinking water in some areas may be                              . (safe)

6.   During my stay in the village, I was                                 with several local farmers.(friend)

7.   Encouraging children to eat and drink                             is very important. (health)

8.   Local people in the village often wear their                                 costumer during the festivals. (tradition)

9.   Please give                        to that charity to help the homeless after the flood. (generous)

10. The baby slept very                                  because the bed was really comfortable. (sound)

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Câu 3:

1.   Supply the correct form of the words in brackets.

1.   People in my country are very warm and             .(FRIEND)

2.   An                         is a child whose parents are dead. (ORPHANAGE)

3.   L.A Hill is a                                  writer. (HUMOR)

4.   I’m                         sorry for the delay. (EXTREME)

5.   She looks more                             than her sister. (BEAUTY)

6.   I am                       enough to have a lot of friends. (LUCK)

7.   They enjoy the                              summer evenings in the countryside. (PEACE)

8.   Those cats look                             .(LOVE)

9.   It was                                of him to offer to pay for us both. (GENEROUSITY)

10. Role-play is                                   in developing communication skills. (HELP)

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Câu 4:

4.Fill in each blank with the appropriate form of the word in brackets.

1.   There is a                          of books on the shelf.(collect)

2.   It is very                            for people in remote areas to get to hospitals.(convenience)

3.   He is very                           with his hands.(skill)

4.   It is said that water collected from the local streams is                            to drink. (safe)

5.   We want                             relations with all countries. (friend)

6.   I like to eat                        , so I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables every day. (health)

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Câu 5:

15.Complete the sentences, using the form of the words in brackets.

1.   Anna asked me if the astronaut’s costumes were made from                  . clothing.(breath)

2.   After going through a storm, the plane began shaking                             . (controllable)

3.   We definitely cannot live on the planet shown in this photo because it is                       . (water)

4.   Mr. Amstrong is working in a                              space which has no gravity. (weight)

5.   The story talked about a                           who wanted to occupy the spaceship.(terrorism)

6.   When astronauts have trouble in outer space, they must act                                . (appropriate)

7.   I feel                      in the chat room because they are discussing a totallystrange topic.(visible)

8.  Hung has some                                    skills in speaking English with foreigners.(communicate

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Câu 6:

6.Complete the sentences, using the correct form of the words in brackets.

1.   Nga eats more                               than Tung does because she likes fast food.(healthy)

2.   Viet Nam is a                                country with different peoples, religions and traditions. (cultural)

3.   Most of the Central Highlands is                          . (mountain)

4.   The                        houses of many ethnic groups are used to worship the ancestors. (commune)

5.   To become friendlier, you should                         with your workmates.(socialisation)

6.   Paul used to be                              to soft drinks, but now he seldom drinks them.(addiction)

7.   Like my aunt, I want to become a professional dog                                . (train)

8.   I am                       of her hometown with a lot of paddy fields.(envy)

9.   The cattle are herded to a new pasture by the                              . (nomadic)

10. Do villagers today dress                           as in the past? (tradition)

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