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Teenagers learn English because ___________.

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Thông tin: Teenagers often learn English for their higher studies because some of their books are in English at the college or university.

Dịch: Thanh thiếu niên thường học tiếng Anh để học lên cao vì một số sách của họ bằng tiếng Anh ở trường cao đẳng hoặc đại học.


Câu 1:

The statement “ All students hate exams” is _________.

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Câu 2:

Which of the following sentences is not true?

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Câu 3:

Read the passage and choose the correct answer.

To do well at school, college or university you usually need to do well in exams. “All students hate exams” may be a generalization, but it is fairly true one. Certainly, all of the students I’ve known disliked doing exams. None of them thought that the exam system was fair; to do well in an exam you simply had to be able to predict the questions which would be asked. This was the case as regards tow students in my class at college. Both of them were exceptionally bright, but in the final year “exam” neither of them got an A grade. In fact, they both got Cs. The exam had tested us on questions which had come up the previous year. They had both assumed that the same questions wouldn’t come up again, and hadn’t prepared for them.

Students need to do well in exams __________.

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Câu 4:

The writer’s main purpose of writing the passage is to __________________.

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Câu 5:

Why did the two students in the writer’s class get C grades in the final exam?

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Câu 6:

Most people learn English by ____________.

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Câu 7:

Factory owners _____________.

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