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Vietnamese water puppetry hasn't received positive feedback from audiences over the world.

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Dựa vào câu: Vietnamese water puppetry has been introduced to many countries all over the world and received much love from audiences.

Dịch: Múa rối nước Việt Nam đã được giới thiệu đến nhiều quốc gia trên thế giới và nhận được nhiều tình cảm của khán giả.


Câu 1:

Read the following passage and choose the best answer

Vietnamese water puppetry is a unique folk art. It's said that ‘Not watching a performance of water puppetry means not visiting Vietnam yet.' That's why water puppetry is a must-see show for tourists in Vietnam. Watching this show can help you escape from your busy life and refresh your minds with unforgettable moments.

During the shows, you can only see the puppets and a small folk orchestra of about 7 people; the puppeteers stand behind a curtained backdrop in a pool. All puppets are made of fig wood which goes along well with water. Then they are carved and painted. The themes of the shows are very familiar to Vietnamese people. They focus on the daily life of farmers and common aspects of Vietnamese spiritual life.

Vietnamese water puppetry has been introduced to many countries all over the world and received much love from audiences. Foreigners don't understand Vietnamese, but they enjoy the shows because the puppets clearly demonstrate Vietnamese life and culture through their actions. Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre on Dinh Tien Hoang Street near Hoan Kiem Lake is the most popular theatre for water puppetry.

All tourists in Vietnam see water puppet shows.

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Câu 2:

Read the following passage and write T (True) or F (False) for each statement.

In the 1960s, The Beatles were probably the most famous pop group in the whole world. Since then, there have been a great many groups that have achieved enormous fame, so it is perhaps difficult now to imagine how sensational The Beatles were at that time. They were four boys from the north of England and none of them had any training in music. They started by performing and recording songs by black Americans and they had some success with these songs. Then they started writing their own songs and that was when they became really popular. The Beatles changed pop music. They were the first pop group to achieve great success from songs they had written themselves. After that it became common for groups and singers to write their own songs.

The Beatles were the most famous pop group in the 1960s.

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Câu 3:

Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre is the biggest theatre in Hanoi.

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Câu 4:

Foreigners can still understand the water puppet shows even though they don't understand Vietnamese.

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Câu 5:

Read the following text carefully and choose the correct answer A, B, C or D for each of the gap.

Ewan McGregor was (16)_____ in Scotland in 1971. He decided to be an (17)______ when he was only nine and he (18)_____his first film in 1992. So far in his career he has appeared (19)_____ a lot of different types of films, including comedies, musical, dramas and the Star Wars movies. In his career Ewan has worked with like actresses Cameron Diaz and Nicole Kidman, and his films have won lots of awards. He loves acting and when he finished (20)_______ the musical, Moulin Rouge, he said, “I have never been happier to do anything in my life”.

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Câu 6:

Audiences can see the puppets, the orchestra and the puppeteers during the show.

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