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07/03/2022 96

Why did he drop out of Harvard?

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Giải bởi Vietjack

Đáp án: Because he wanted to open a software company with his friend Paul Allen.

Giải thích: Dựa vào câu: He left Harvard before graduating because he wanted to open a software company with his friend Paul Allen.

Dịch: Ông ấy rời Havard trước khi tốt nghiệp bởi vì ông muốn mở một công ty phần mềm với bạn là Paul Allen.


Câu 1:

In this town, they ………. all the frames in steel.

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Câu 2:

.......... my cousin is young, she is one of the most skillful artisan in Bat Trang village.  

Xem đáp án » 07/03/2022 309

Câu 3:

My parents told me they…………………….. me that week.  

Xem đáp án » 07/03/2022 201

Câu 4:

There are modern knitting machines. The artisans in my village like using traditional looms. (Make a sentence from each pair of sentences using”Although”)  

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Câu 5:

This exhibition is much more interesting than the last one. (complete the sentence in each pair so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentences)  

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Câu 6:

My aunt has got two teenage children, but they don't seem to have good relationship with each other. (Rewrite the sentence, using the word in brackets) (GET)  

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Câu 7:

Physical changes are different for everyone, so you don’t need to feel ….. or frustrated.  

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