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Câu 2:

Who was playing at the music festivals?

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Đáp án: B

Câu 3:

Where did Henry do clean-up activities?

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Đáp án: A

Câu 4:

According to Henry, volunteering at the nursing home is like ______.

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Đáp án: C

Câu 5:

They will meet again _____________.

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Đáp án: C


Cindy: Hi, Henry. How was your summer?

Henry: Hello, Cindy. I had a great one. How about you?

Cindy: It was quite good. I attended some outdoor music festivals.

Henry: Really? Who was playing?

Cindy: Some country music bands. They’re talented but not well-known. What did you do in the summer?

Henry: I joined a lot of community service. I did some clean-up activities.

Cindy: How interesting! Where did you do it?

Henry: In the park and many public places. I also volunteered at the nursing home.

Cindy: Did you clean up there too?

Henry: No, I read to the elderly. At weekends, we also played board games together. It wasn’t different from hanging out with my grandparents.

Cindy: That’s wonderful. Now, I feel bad for not helping our community much.

Henry: Well, the orphanage is looking for new volunteers.

Cindy: Really?

Henry: Yes, let’s meet on Friday after 5 p.m. at school.

Cindy: Can we meet on Saturday at 9 a.m. in the park?

Henry: Okay.

Cindy: Thank you. See you then. Bye.

Henry: Bye!


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