Chuyên đề 2: Grammar (Verb Forms) có đáp án

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Câu 2:

2.Complete the sentences with the correct verb form.

1.   John adores                                   (play) badminton in the winter

2.   My father sometimes goes                        (hunt) in the forests. He’d liketo find some more food for our family.

3.   The boy                             (pick) up a stone and threw it in to the river.

4.   He                         (collect) stamps from many countries since he                        (be) eight.

5.   Which sports do you like                                      (play)?

6.   Hoa’s teacher wants her (spend)                                      more time on math.

7.   I promise I (try)                                        my best next semester.

8.   Sandra needs (improve)                                       her English writing.

9.   You should (underline)                           the word you want (learn)                             .

10. Can you help me (move)                           this table?

11. Nam always (get)                                                  grade A in Physics, but last semester he (get)                                     B.      

12. They were proud of (be)                           so successful.

Xem đáp án

1.playing                         2. hunting                    3. picked                      4. collected - was

5. playing / to play          6. to spend                   7. will try                     8. to improve

9.underline - to learn     10. move/ to move       11. gets – got                12. being

Câu 3:

3.Complete the sentences using “should” or “shouldn’t” .

Ex: You shouldn’t study(You/ study) so hard. Have a holiday.

      I enjoyed that play. We should go (We/ go) to the theatre more often.

1.                                 (You/ park) here. It’s not allowed.

2.   What                                  (I/ cook) for breakfast this morning?

3.                                 (You/ wear) a raincoat. It’s raining outside.

4.                                 (You/ smoke). It’s bad for you.

5                                  (We/ arrive) at the airport two hours before the flight.

6                                  (I/ send) now or later?

7.   Do you think                                 (I/ apply) for this post?

8.   What do you think                         (I/ write) in this space on the form?

9.                                 (I/ eat) cakes anymore. I’ve already eaten too much.

10. This food is awful.                                    (We/ complain) to the manager.

11. Which dress do you think                                     (I/ buy)?

Xem đáp án

1. You shouldn’t park              2. should I cook                      3. You should wear

4.You shouldn’t smoke            5. We should arrive                 6. Should I send

7. I should apply                      8. I should write                      9. I shouldn’t eat

10. We should complain          11. I should buy

Câu 4:

4.   Give the correct form of the following verbs

1.   My mother always tells me that I have to              home by 9 p.m. (be)

2.   When I came, the whole family                              dinner around a big dinning table.(have)

3.   Children should                             things from adults with both hands.(take)

4.   In Australia, you mustn’t                          on a person’s accent. (comment)

5.   Laura lives in a big city. If she                              (live) in the country, she                      (have) a dog.

6.   I                             (learn) Italian for the past three years.

7.   If I were you, I                              (not / buy) that book.

8.   What the children                                      (see) in the zoo yesterday?

9.   They prefer                                    (play) in a swimming pool all day.

10. The doctor will be ready in ten minutes. Take a seat while you                             . (wait)

Xem đáp án           2.was having               3. take        4. comment                  5. lived/ would have

6. have learnt (have been learning)                  7. wouldn’t buy

8. did (the children) see                                    9. playing                    10. are waiting

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