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Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answer.

The 22nd SEA Games, hosted this year by Vietnam, has joined the international movement to rid sports of tobacco. For the first time, the regional sporting event will be tobacco-free under a landmark cooperative agreement signed in April 2003 between the World Health Organization (WHO), the 22nd SEA Games Organizing Committee and the Vietnamese Ministry of Health. Hanoi Health Department has organized a press seminar to celebrate and raise awareness about the tobacco-free SEA Games.

The 22nd SEA Games is the first games hosted by Vietnam and 10 countries from the Southeast Asian region with nearly 8,000 athletes and coaches will participate. It will be the first tobacco-free international sporting event in Vietnam, joining other international tobacco-free sporting events such as the FIFA World Cup 2002, and the Winter Olympic Games 2002.

The 22nd SEA Games will ban all sales, advertising and other promotion of tobacco products, and restricts smoking in all Games venues. The aim is to protect spectators, athletes, event staff, media and other visitors from the serious health hazards of second-hand tobacco smoke, as well as to change public attitudes about the social acceptability of smoking. Madame Pascale Brudon, WHO Representative in Vietnam, stated, "Vietnam has established 3 years ago a comprehensive, ambitious national tobacco control policy and a national tobacco control program. The tobacco-free 22nd SEA Games will be yet another area where Vietnam is leading the way for other countries in the region and the world in protecting its citizens from the debilitating and disastrous consequences of tobacco use."

WHO has provided funding and technical assistance to the SEA Games Organizing Committee and Vietnamese Ministry of Health to train of over 4,000 SEA Games organizers and volunteers on the implementation of the tobacco-free policy. An international team of trainers from the Ministry of Health, International Organization for Good Temper (lOGT), WHO and International Development Enterprises (IDE) began a series of national training workshops for volunteers in April, 2003. The tobacco-free SEA Games are an inspiration and a model for other sport events, big and small, not only in Vietnam but also in the Southeast Asian and Western Pacific Region.

In the 22nd SEA Games _______.

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Giải bởi Vietjack

Trong SEA Games 22_______ .

A. sẽ có sự tham gia của các vận động viên từ Tổ chức Y tế Thế giới

B. không được phép hút thuốc

C. hút thuốc chỉ dành cho người lãnh đạo, không phải bất kỳ vận động viên nào

D. được tổ chức bởi Bộ Y tế Việt Nam

Thông tin: The 22nd SEA Games will ban all sales, advertising and other promotion of tobacco products, and restricts smoking in all Games venues.

Tạm dịch: SEA Games 22 sẽ cấm việc mua bán, quảng cáo hay các hình thức quảng bá sản phẩm từ thuốc lá, và hạn chế hút thuốc trong toàn bộ khu vực của thế vận hội.

=> In the 22nd SEA Games smoking is not allowed

Đáp án cần chọn là: B


Câu 1:

One of the aims of the tobacco-free SEA Games is_________.

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Which sentence is not true?

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Câu 3:

According to the third paragraph, _______.

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Câu 4:

According to the text, _______

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