Bài tập Unit 3: Going places D: Plan a vaction có đáp án

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Câu 2:

Read the article. Which activities in A are in the articles? Check the boxes. (Đọc bài báo. Các hoạt động ở A nằm trong các bài nào? Kiểm tra bảng)

Make your vacation more interesting


Aziz Abu Sarah has a travel company and often gives advice to tourists. Here he answers the question: "How can a vacation be more interesting?"

Don't plan everything

Tourists often study maps and plan everything before they go on vacation. It's fun to go sightseeing, but sometimes it's interesting to leave the map at the hotel. When I was in Tokyo for the first time, I traveled to the suburbs. Two hours later, I was singing karaoke and dancing with local people.

Try the local food

Eating local food always makes a vacation more interesting. Go to food markets where local people sell fresh food that they grew or cooked. You can learn more about their food and culture. It's much more interesting than going to a supermarket - and the food is better!

Find out where local people go

When you arrive in a new place, find out about festivals and events. Local magazines and posters have information about art galleries and live music. If you like sports, find out where people play. When I was in Tunisia, I played soccer on the beach with a group of local men.

Ask for advice and suggestions

All around the world, people are always happy to give advice. Don't always use the guidebook or the Internet. Ask local people for suggestions on where to go or where to eat. Once, in Curitiba, Brazil, I asked a local group where I should have dinner in the city. They invited me for dinner and I am still friends with them!


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