Bài tập Unit 7: Communication D: Compare types of communication có đáp án

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Câu 4:

Read the article. Match the words to the definitions

(Đọc đoạn văn. Nối các từ với định nghĩa của nó)

1. body language

a. communication with the body

2. to greet

b. feeling

3. emotions

c. to do in a similar way

4. sense of humor

d. to meet and say “hello”

5. to copy

e. ability to have fun

Do you speak “elephant”?

As humans, we communicate using the senses of sight, touch, and hearing. We send messages with body language, we greet friends with touch, and we speak using words to show our emotions and ideas. Animals don't communicate in as many ways as humans--for example, they don't have language like we do-but many animals do also use the senses of sight, touch, and hearing. A good example of this is elephant communication.

Like humans, elephants understand each other by looking at each other's body language. To send a message, they use their whole body, or individually their heads, eyes, mouth, ears, trunk, tail, or feet. For example, elephants spread their ears to show anger, And while humans shake their heads to disagree, elephants do this to show they are happy.

As with humans, touch is also very important between elephants. Just like a human mother holds her baby, a mother elephant regularly touches her young calf with her trunk. Elephants also show they are friendly when they touch other elephants. And when they want to have fun, they hold each other by the trunk and pull, like in this photo. Even if they can't laugh like a human, elephants have a great sense of humor.

Elephants have very large ears, which means they can hear other elephants from as far as 2.5 miles away. Like humans, they can also copy sounds and make their own sounds that seem to communicate basic human words and phrases like, "Hello." "I love you," and "Let's go.


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