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Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions from 29 to 35.  As health care costs continually rise in most developed countries, many people are looking for alternative forms of health therapy. Two of the most popular forms of alternative therapies in the West today are acupuncture and herbal medicine, both of which have been used for centuries in Asia and are rooted in ancient Chinese medicine. In essence, they attempt to treat the source of the health problem rather than simply get rid of symptoms, which is something that many argue is the flawed crux of western medicinal techniques.  Acupuncture is based on ancient Chinese medicine and the importance of ki, a kind of life force that pulsates through every human's body. Ki runs through various pathways in the body and is fundamental in giving human strength and energy as well as bolstering the immune system. But, at times, these pathways might suffer blockage or be disrupted, so ki is unable to flow smoothly through the body. When this occurs, the body becomes vulnerable to illness and pain. This is where acupuncture comes in. Acupuncturists are well versed in the mapping of the ki pathways throughout the body and are able to locate and stimulate certain areas on the surface of the body in order to relieve pressure and allow ki once more to flow freely, eliminating pains and illnesses in the process.  One of the most common and successful methods of acupuncture is described as ear acupuncture. This technique is involved solely with the ear and its numerous activation points. The ear is considered a highly sensitive area of the human body because it contains a strong, healthy flow of blood as well as numerous nerve points that connect it with the rest of the human body. Acupuncturists place tiny needles in the surface of the skin at certain points, depending on the desired result. In general, ear acupuncture is considered an excellent therapy, especially for treating individuals with psychological or physical dependency issues such as eating disorders and drug or alcohol abuse.  A second form of alternative therapy based on Chinese traditional medicine is herbal therapy, in which special herbs are prescribed by the doctor to be taken in a hot liquid form, usually tea. Traditionally, herbal teas are imbibed to boost the immune system and prevent illnesses from being able to enter the body. Herbs also have a more direct influence than acupuncture on the body's physical system, as they can aid in normalizing blood pressure. One excellent example of an herbal remedy is mushroom tea, which is an excellent antioxidant. Other benefits attributed to the use of traditional Chinese herbs are that they build stamina and are good for digestive purposes. Sometimes, herbal medicines are used in conjunction with acupuncture to magnify its effects. (Adapted from How to master skills for the Toefl Actual Test) Alternative forms of health care are becoming more popular because _______.
Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions from 18 to 22.  Edward Patrick Eagan was born on April 26th 1897 in Denver, Colorado, and his father died in a railroad accident when Eagan was only one year old. He and his four brothers were raised by his mother, who earned a small income from teaching foreign languages.  Inspired by Frank Marriwell, the hero of a series of popular novels for boys, Eagan pursued an education for himself and an interest in boxing. He attended the University of Denver for a year before serving in the U.S. army as an artillery lieutenant during World War I. After the war, he entered Yale University and while studying there, won the US national amateur heavyweight boxing title. He graduated from Yale in 1921, attended Harvard Law School, and received a Rhodes scholarship to the University of Oxford where he received his A.M. in 1928.  While studying at Oxford, Eagan became the first American to win the British amateur boxing championship. Eagan won his first gold medal as a light heavyweight boxer at the 1920 Olympic Games in Antwerp, Belgium. Eagan also fought at the 1924 Olympics in Paris as a heavyweight but failed to get a medal. Though he had taken up the sport just three weeks before the competition, he managed to win a second gold medal as a member of four-man bobsled team at the 1932 Olympics in Lake Placid, New York. Thus, he became the only athlete to win gold medals at both the Summer and Winter Olympics. (Adapted from "Peteson's Master TOEFL Reading Skills) What is the main idea of the passage?