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Choose the option that best completes each blank in the passage. Write A, B, or C in the blank. A Success Story Jamal Edwards is the boss of a music Youtube channel, and he even received an (5) from the queen for his services to music. So, what’s his story? Jamal was born in England in 1990. At sixteen, with a video camera, he uploaded a video of foxes and received 1,000 (6)! Soon he wanted to combine his love of filming with his passion for grime – a type of hip hop music. Jamal began filming some grime artists when they were performing in the street and at concerts. After his posts, thousands of people (7) and downloaded the videos. In 2007 he (8) his own online TV station, SBTV. First, he added live concerts and interviews with musicians to grime music videos. Later, he started including different types of music to attract more viewers. The strategy worked, and today, SBTV is very (9) among young people. 5. A. present                    B. cup                            C. award 6. A. visits                      B. singers                       C. videos 7. A. listened                  B. watched                     C. took 8. A. created                    B. sang                           C. looked 9. A. boring                    B. alive                           C. popular