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Read the Survival Game and complete phrases 1-14. Then listen and check (Đọc Trò chơi sinh tồn và hoàn thành các cụm từ 1-14. Sau đó nghe và kiểm tra) 1. What do you do first? A. Find drinking water B. Build a shelter for the night C. Charge your phone batteries 2. What is the safest type of water to drink? A. River water                B. Sea water                   C. Rainwater 3. You're hungry. What's safe to eat in the jungle? A. You can pick fruit and eat it. B. Watch what the monkeys eat and copy them. C. Avoid all plants in the jungle. 4. It’s getting dark. What do you do? A. Light a fire and sleep next to it. B. Climb a tree and sleep on a branch. C. Move at night because it's cooler. 5. There's a snake on your backpack. What do you do? A. Make a noise and throw your boot at it. B. Be quiet and stand still It’ll get bored and go away. C. Leave your backpack and run away. 6. You think there is a village io the west. How do you find your way o the village? A. Look at the birds. They always fly from east to west. B. look for the moon. I's always in the north at midnight. C. Use the sun. Its position will help you to decide. 7. It’s very hot in the jungle. What is the best way to keep cool? A. Only travel in the early morning and late afternoon. B. Drink some water from the river until you feel cooler. C. Take your shirt off and wear sandals. 8. How will you get out of the jungle? A. Stay where you are and hope that someone finds you. B. Follow the river if you can find one C. Use an app on your phone for directions.