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Do the music quiz and compare your answers with your partner’s (Làm bài trắc nghiệm về âm nhạc và so sánh câu trả lời của bạn với câu trả lời bạn của bạn) MUSIC QUIZ 1. The invention of the piano and violin changed the sounds of classical music. Violins become popular in the … a. 6th century.                          b. 16th century.               c. 20th century. 2. Traditional music is played with traditional instruments like these drums. Salsa and samba are two types of traditional music. They’re from … a. the Caribbean and Brazil.      b. Australia.                   c. Europe. 3. Pop became big in the 1960s. These are fans at a Beatles concert in the 1960s. The Beatles had more number one hits than any other pop band. The word 'pop' is from … a. popcorn.                               b. population.                 c. popular. 4. Rock is harder, louder music than pop. Some 1970s bands were famous for their crazy clothes and angry lyrics. Their music was called … a. punk rock.                            b. soft rock.                    c. rebel rock. 5. Hard rock and heavy metal have very loud vocals, guitars and bass. There's a type of heavy metal called … a. black metal.                          b. hot metal.                   c. chilli metal. 6. The first hip hop and rap came from DJs in … a. London                                b. Rio de Janito              c. New York